Secret Garden – Poem

"Hi," whispers a petite, pajama-clad elderly woman. She is clutching a blonde-haired baby doll and rolling mindlessly down the spotless ...
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Chair Exercises to Help the Elderly in Your Care Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy

If you help to care for a senior citizen who has limited mobility or is wheelchair bound, then you know ...
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The Importance of Compassionate Communication

When talking about the work that caregivers do, much of the focus is usually placed on the duties that they ...
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Elderly Care: Adjusting to Life in the Nursing Home

One of the most difficult decisions ever to be made in life is the one which results in a loved ...
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Alzheimer’s Activities – Five Tips for Painting with People Suffering from Alzheimer’s

Painting with people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease can unlock a world of creativity. The activity can remain a companion ...
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goals for our care

Can You Prevent or Delay Alzheimer’s Disease?

Do you have the Alzheimer's gene? One side of my family is rife with Alzheimer's, and the other loaded with ...
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who used respite care

Private Home Healthcare Could Be a Productive Career Move

I have been involved in Health Education all my life. As I start to approach my 60"s, I have noticed ...
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Geriatric Hand Bruises: Health Issues of the Elderly

The elderly population experiences a variety of unique health complications and typically caretakers are confused as to how the complications ...
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